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Lawbright - we bring light to law

It can be difficult for small and medium sized businesses to get quality legal advice at a price they can afford.  We set up Lawbright to address that need.  

  • Start up

    When you first establish a business, it’s crucial to start out on the best legal footing. One that gives you and your business the protection of a legal framework that helps both the business and the relationships within it run smoothly from the outset.

    Find out how we help people starting up a business

  • Solve problems

    Many of our clients are owner managers of small and medium sized enterprises who have to look after all the aspects of their business. We provide a ‘go to’ legal service for when, for whatever reason, you recognise that you cannot deal with a situation in your business alone and need legal advice.

    Find out how we help people solve problems in their business

  • Grow or invest in a business

    Many of the business owners we work with get to the stage where they want to grow their business or invest in different ventures. As well as being exciting, it can be a difficult time as it will inevitably involve managing change. If you’re hoping to make any kind of investment in a business, it’s crucial you understand the risks and legal responsibilities this entails, that these are appropriately apportioned and structured, and that you have a clear picture of the business you’re buying into.

    Find out how we help people grow or invest in a business

  • Sell or exit a business

    In most small or medium sized businesses, there comes a time when shareholders move on.

    Exit and sale can be a sensitive point in the life of a business and, combined with the potential for complicated legal consequences, can make for a stressful as well as an exciting and rewarding period for business owners and managers. There is much to be gained from using a trusted advisor to help manage, facilitate and adjudicate, with your best interests as their primary driver and provide an objective, rational, expert view on proceedings.

    Find out how we help people to sell or exit a business

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