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It is Lawbright's mission to provide the local business community with a first class legal service at a competitive price.

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How we can help

If you own or manage a business, we can help you.

Protect your business

In this section you will discover how we can help you: resolve difficult disputes, look after your intellectual property and confidential information, manage your business premises, recover a trade debt and cope with regulation so that you can deal with trouble if it comes.


Look after and managing your staff

In this section you will discover how we can help you manage your workforce and deal with difficult HR issues. Hire and fire, Problems in the workplace, Pay and benefits, Tribunal claims. Employment is an area with complex rules and regulations and unfortunately common sense is not always a reliable guide.


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If you are a small or medium-sized business with a legal problem that you are finding it difficult to resolve on your own or your current solicitors are not making progress, then we invite you to telephone to discuss it with us, without any initial charge, to find out if we can help.