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"Making a success of Brexit"

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The CBI has produced a comprehensive report on how the government should approach the Brexit negotiations from the perspective of each industry sector. It identified six principles the government should adopt:

  1. A barrier-free relationship with our largest, closest and most important trading partner
  2. A clear plan for regulation that gives certainty in the short-term, and in the long-term balances influence, access and opportunity
  3. A migration system which allows businesses to access the skills and labour they need to deliver growth
  4. A renewed focus on global economic relationships, with the business community at their heart
  5. An approach that protects the social and economic benefits of EU funding
  6. A smooth exit from the EU, avoiding a “cliff-edge” that causes disruption
In a clear and strong message to Government the CBI said that the European Unions place as our most important trading partner should be the cornerstone of negotiations and our trading relationship with the EU should be as comprehensive as possible as to both goods and services and, crucially, as open as possible.
It warns that business need “clarity and stability” so “regulatory systems will need to remain harmonised”.
In relation to migration it wants the new migration system to make it easy to access necessary skills and labour, particularly high skilled employees by being “open, flexible, and easy”.
It says there should be a commitment to a smooth Brexit avoiding a “cliff edge” or “no deal” scenario by interim arrangements if necessary.
The CBI wants to see close collaboration between business and government and decisions based on evidence and assessment looking at the economy as a whole and not making decisions about industries in isolation.


The CBI and our members are committed to playing our part throughout the process of leaving the European Union.

Making a success of Brexit-CBI report December 2016