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Our pricing policy

We believe in transparency of pricing and always provide a detailed estimate and costs advice before commencing work and are to happy work to fixed or agreed costs wherever practicable.

As a niche practice with low overheads we are able to provide a fast and responsive service at competitive rates.

Your matter will be dealt with by Paul Whitaker or Caroline Whitaker who are solicitors and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Our hourly charge rate is £165 per hour plus Vat.

Where possible and if the merits justify it we can offer a “no-win-no fee” or “no-win – reduced fee” arrangement (a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA)) or possible a contingency fee arrangement (a Damages Based Agreement (DBA)).  We normally charge for carrying out the initial assessment of merits at our charge out rate of £165 per hour plus Vat and would estimate the costs for doing so before carrying out the work and agree that with you, but it would typically be between £660 and £1320 plus Vat.  If we offer a “no win-reduced fee” CFA you would still be liable to pay the reduced fee if you lost. Typically the reduced fee would not be less than £90 and may be more depending on the facts of the case and the degree of risk.  We will discuss this and agree the reduced fee with you.  If we offer to act under a DBA (contingency fee) you would have to pay us a percentage of the damages if you won, which we would advise you about and agree with you before entering into the Agreement capped at 50% in Court Claims and 35% in Employment Claims.

If you would like to obtain an estimate or find out if we can act on “no win- no fee” please call us on 01794 336552 or email us at:



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