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We help people in business to:

Grow or invest in a business

Many of the business owners we work with get to the stage where they want to grow their business or invest in different ventures.

As well as being exciting, it can be a difficult time as it will inevitably involve managing change and, especially in small and medium sized businesses, can be personally and emotionally demanding as well as time consuming and legally complex.

If you’re hoping to make any kind of investment in a business, it’s crucial you understand the risks and legal responsibilities this entails, that these are appropriately apportioned and structured, and that you have a clear picture of the business you’re buying into.

Generally, a seller will want their money but as an investor you will want to understand what you are buying and put appropriate protection in place.

We can help you to:

Restructure your business for the next stage of growth

Acquire a business, helping to decide whether to buy shares or assets

Find a tax expert, accountant and/or valuer to advise you

Understand the aspects of the business you will also acquire upon purchase, such as employees and commercial contracts

Draft and negotiate agreements to protect confidentiality, exclusivity and the acquisition itself

Undertake legal due diligence in a practical and manageable manner

Understand and negotiate warranties, disclosure letters, seller limitations, restrictive covenants, payment terms, security and other key purchase documents and provisions dealing with the apportionment of risk

Manage the final stages and timings for signing and completing your acquisition

Plan your business structure and legal documents post-completion

Our client stories

A growing business approached us for support with its management structure. Its existing management team had been in place from the start of the business, and the Board of directors needed to bring new skills into play and restructure the business. The existing management team had strong and deep emotional ties to their work, and the Board were keen to do right by them as well as the business.

We supported the Board to develop a change strategy, coaching members to broach and resolve the issues with the management team. Over three months, the Board successfully restructured the business. Some members of the management team left, and others accepted the changes to their role and remained. Within six months, the company was able to grow, with a well-structured, highly skilled and motivated senior management team in place to drive the business forward.

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