We bring light to law

We help people in business to:

Solve problems

Many of our clients are owner managers of small and medium sized enterprises who have to look after all the aspects of their business.

We provide a ‘go to’ legal service for when, for whatever reason, you recognise that you cannot deal with a situation in your business alone and need legal advice.

We have built up years of experience in dispute resolution in business, and have the experience and diplomacy required to guide you through what can be difficult, emotionally-charged decisions with tact, precision and expertise.

You might need to:

Resolve shareholder and business partner disputes

Manage difficult situations in the workplace

Either take legal action against someone for, or defend yourself against claims of, breach of contract, negligence, professional negligence

Recover debts from other traders, customers and suppliers

Protect your confidential information

Deal with your commercial or business premises, as either a tenant or a landlord

We advise on business disputes of all kinds to help you:

Decide how to deal with a dispute by advising on your options

Understand what it might cost, how long it might take and the possible outcomes if you want to bring or defend proceedings

Devise a strategy to help strengthen your position in advance of proceedings or negotiation

Understand how to fund litigation if the need arises

Negotiate an acceptable commercial settlement and advise how best to make offers and structure settlements

Resolve a dispute through mediation or other methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution

Bring or defend proceedings in a court or tribunal

Our client stories

A successful businessman retained us to resolve a dispute between him and his business partner. Both owned 50% of the business but our client felt strongly that he was investing more time, resources and energy into the business than the other partner, who was not pulling his weight and seemed to have lost interest. Our client was concerned that the business was losing money because commercial opportunities were not being pursued. Resentment had developed into hostilities and our client wanted to understand his position.

Unfortunately, there was no Shareholders’ Agreement or Service Agreements in place, as is often the case, but following a thorough and detailed review of the background, we identified a number of legal arguments that could assist our client and implemented a strategy to bring pressure to bear, including the threat of proceedings, that resulted in the other partner agreeing to mediate.

Through the mediation process, the other partner agreed to leave the business and to be bought out over a period of time for a fair price.

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